18 October 2005

Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper!

Here is the collage of my nemesis in this refreshing project...namely all of the various wallpapers in the old section of the house. The ultimate challenge was the "wallpaper" on the top left corner. It is truly a carpet on the walls that has not been vacuumed since it was put up twenty some years ago...yes, that is seriously gross! It is all now located at the dump and we have a real shabby chic look going here. White bare plaster walls or - in the case of the formerly carpeted walls - partially removed paper backing that is rubber cemented to the wall that must be sanded off. Have no fear...have paint brush, will refresh!

It has actually been somewhat therapeutic. The house and I have become very understanding of each others strengths and foibles through this process. There is a bond that is created when you put your hands on your house and help it to come forward...in the case of the carpeted walls, it seemed to be a forced march forward. We are both making progress in our mutual transformation. It only gets better with each passing day!

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