02 October 2006


Nathan has some new buddies at school this year. Mel (on the left) and Will (on the right) are from Berkeley CA and are here for one year. Their parents study insects and spiders...I am so happy to give them any specimens that I come across! As a treat after dinner Sunday night, they played for us. We have not heard what our neighbors think of this impromptu concert, but we loved it. They are actually really good!!

Nathan is really enjoying translating for Will and helping him to make a smooth transition as Ryan did for him last year. The teachers say that they are a great team and both love working together.

Celia's Horseback Riding Lessons

Celia has achieved her girlhood dream of learning to ride. She is learning English style (they don't teach Western style) and made her first jump and galloped this last weekend. She spends more than two hours each weekend at the stables and gets to ride a different horse each time. She has to groom them, saddle them, feed them and clean them at the end. Surprisingly there is only one other girl in her class and the rest are all boys.