25 October 2009

Day Tripping in Roquefort et Millau

Tom an Trish had never visited the town or caves of Roquefort - home of the world famous cheese - so we decided to make a Saturday trip and then a side pass by THE bridge and then down to the town of Millau for lunch and a stroll. Lunch included a plate of frog legs for the table...a new experience. I do not know what kind of frogs I thought they used, but I could not believe how small the legs were. A serious toothpick with a nibble. It looked and tasted just like chicken with a ton of butter and garlic smothering it. Although the fact that basically we were eating the bottom half of a lot of frogs was a bit on the berk side, they weren't bad at all. I do think I will stay with snails as my most exotic preferred dish...they are actually yummy and I love them!!

11 October 2009

Marche aux Terroirs

A beautiful Sunday homage to the fruits of the earth! This fair was in Castries...the town next to Sussargues and one of my favorites. All of the vendors were small artisinal producers. We tasted Muscat wine that just burst with the sweet grape typical of this region...it filled my head with visions of earthy aged cheeses and foie gras slathered on toast. Then we moved to the chestnut vendor who was selling four different varieties of chestnuts from the Cevenne. He said that there are sixty different types there and some that grow only in one specific place in the Cevenne. Then we moved to the cheese vendor who offered us slabs of the most incredible smoked tenderloin of pork and Beaufort sliced from a giant aged wheel and Tomme de Savoie and Brebis and Chevre. The richness of the produce and the patience and artistry of the productors is overwhelming. And really YUMMY!!

07 October 2009

Quelle Belle Fille!

Sorry...no picture of Nathan this year. He is to old for that sort of thing!

05 October 2009

Bike Ride in the Garrigue

We took an hour long ride in the garrigue today...well Mike rode leisurely and I was repeating to myself "I can do it,,,I can do it!" A bit different than the stationary bike that I rip apart at the gym!! Really with the beautiful scenery and the bare amount of traffic on the country roads, it was a great ride.

02 October 2009

Friday Evening Walk

I just can't think of anything that can be said here! What an incredible place we live in!

Another Fabulous Lunch

AHHHH lunch by the sea on a beautiful Friday! This is where we lived when we first moved here - La Grande Motte. (Translation: the big pile - no fooling!) We decided to forgo the cheapie pizza at Le Quai and splurged on a three course meal at Alexandre's. It was the right decision! Really reasonable at 28 euro for a three course meal that was simply perfect in every way. My entree was Cremeux aux celeris a moules de something or other...it was yummy!! Basically cream of celery soup with celery root and mussels that melted in your mouth. Sounds better in French as everything else does!! This was followed by Maigre de quelques choses que je ne peux pas me rappeler parce que j'ai bu trop du vin!! Suffice it to say it was super yummy (or miam miam in French). The dessert that I really didn't need and Mike ended up eating was three different but equally je ne sais pas exactement mais miam miam miam. Of course lunch was followed by espresso and the second dessert that I should always remember and not bother to order the first...guimauve et pates d'orange. Now I sit here and write totally ready for a dodo (nap!! You really need to polish up on your high school French!!) but instead I am a good girl and must update you all on the wonderful life in the South of France...A+ mes amis!!