23 September 2008

Madeira Portugal Summer 2008

Uncle Jon

We had a great time in Padua, Italy visiting Uncle Jon as he taught a class at the University there. We really feel for the tough time the students had while the temptations of beautiful Italy were surrounding them.

We even watched Italy play France in the Euro Cup at a really nice cafe surrounded by really excited and vocal Italians. Any of you who recall France's problems with Italy in the World Cup can appreciate the scene.

Cousin Robert

Mike's cousin Robert from Germany came and stayed with us for two weeks this summer before serving his obligatory military duty this fall. We had such a great time visiting with him and I think he learned some really interesting things from Nathan and Celia. I hope his English did not suffer from all of the slang he learned from them.

Summer camp at the beach 2008

What's not to like?? Sailing, windsurfing, beachbums for counselors, sand, sun and a camp full of teenagers!! They had a great time and really enjoyed learning how to sail and windsurf. They can't wait to go back next year.

First day of school 2008

Under great duress and promises of sushi, I was again successful in getting them to allow me to take our annual first day of school picture. Albeit in the alley at least half a block away. Thus the blurry non descript picture of their new school. Oh well, we artists have to put up with so much criticism of our work...So misunderstood!