18 December 2014

A Glorious December Day!

 After so much grey and rain, we began to wonder if the South of France had changed its colors!  We were ready to build an ark after one storm that dumped more than 30 cm of rain in less than 3h30!  Then we had a previously unknown occurrence of 48 straight hours of rain...drizzle turning to downpour turning to steady drumming on the roof rain...How could this be Montpellier!?!

But then there are days like today when I remember why we live here.  WOW!!

Un Peu de Noël Américain!!

Our front porch
The twins in their Christmas finest!

Christmas decorations in France are definitely on the subtle side.  They adore and are amazed at the way we Americans decorate for Christmas.  The hotels, the stores, the streets, the houses!!  We have had friends visit the States at Christmas and gush over how beautiful it all is.  

On an American scale, the decorations chez Faigle are definitely on the simple side, but in comparison to our neighbors, it is extravagant!  :)
Our neighbor's outdoor decorations.  Very typical of a French house at Christmas.  Can you spot their decorations?