24 July 2006



This is a link to the funniest game show we have ever seen. It is now Nathan and Celia's all time favorite show. It is on every Monday at 9 to 11 pm...very long game show...NO ADS!! It pits two towns against each other in ridiculous events...some including a very unhappy bull.

This could NEVER be done in the USA! The lawyers and insurance companies would have a field day. It is definitely an example of if you are stupid enough to do something, you can take all the responsibility for it! This is the rule here!

If you click on the "Best of the Gamelles" tab, you can se some videos of the funniest parts of the show. One can vote for the funniest ones and they are ranked each week and shown on the highlights portion of the show.

09 July 2006

Bike Ride Along the Canal du Midi

This week on a sultry summer day, we took a two hour bike ride along the Canal du Midi that originates at the Atlantic and ends in the Mediterranean Sea. We rode from Colombiers north. It was a beautifully shady ride through vineyards and small villages. Vacationers on boats and barges floated by waving...the cicadas serenaded us the whole way. It was just amazing. Under the incredible plane trees...aka sycamores (Mike's editorial)...the temperature was so cool and fresh. A wonderful breeze stayed with us most of the ride. What a wonderful summer diversion!

Never can say goodbye!

Nathan's best buddy at school this year was Ryan. Ryan - who was from NY originally - was in his second year at the Ecole Bilingue de Baillargues. He was a great friend and really helped Nathan through the rough times of a first year. His family has now moved on to another post with a computer firm in Vienna. Nathan is lost without his friend this summer, but we all know that thanks to Ryan, Nathan will be so comfortable next year at his second year in school. We are so excited that it also gives us a reason to travel this summer and a place to stay in Vienna...Mozartland!!!!!!! Mary is in heaven!!