12 August 2007

School Supplies

Celia's favorite time of year has come again...no, not Christmas...no, not her birthday....it is time to buy school books and supplies!!!!!!!!!! A new calendar, new smooth notebooks, a new pencil case...she is in heaven!!!!!
Oh and take note of her new look...she has new glasses just in time for the start of school...Glamour gal number one!! Can you hear her groaning in the background?

You cannot always count on Internet Translations!!

We saw this sign at the park in front of the Eiffel Tower. Obviously Google Languages is not always dependable!

Wine in Languedoc


This link will take you to a link to NPR for an article to listen to regarding wine makers in our region, Languedoc. In addition to the interesting struggle with the world wine market, listen to the accent of the non-English speaking wine makers. This is the beautifully thick accent that we have become accustomed to, but still struggle to understand. It will always bring memories to my mind. It is as distinct as the accent in the southern part of the States.