20 April 2016


When I was a "coach" for my daughter's soccer team and we encountered a messy, muddy field on game days, I immediately would insist that they go jump in the big holes full of water and mud before the game started.  Our incredible leader Jen N always said that kids need to get in the mud in soccer.  It is a messy physical game and they need to not be afraid to jump in the mud!  Of course, I got some sour looks from parents who had to clean them up after the game, but Jen had a very valid point.  Soccer as in life is a muddy messy game!

So fast forward more than a few years and here I am about to hit the Camino on Monday from Le Puy.  No doubt there will be mud and it will get messy.  It is Spring in the Auvergne...it rains in the Spring in the Auvergne.  There will be mud!  Rather than let it freak me out and make me nervous which will not lead to good, I need to find that puddle full of water and mud and jump in it!  Get it over even if it is figuratively in my head!  It is just rain...it is just mud.  I have been in both before and it can be fun or it can be miserable.  Most depends on my outlook and not reality.

So on that note, I did as I always do when I am challenged by something...I google it!  So here are the results:

When I was first learning to ski, I remember the lessons about dealing with ice and slipping.  It seems to be applicable to hiking in the rain as well.  Walk duck footed to get a better grip and avoid slipping.  Traverse across the slope rather than straight down to deal with slipping and speed.  This latter advice I use even in dry times on any steep ascent or descent.  It cuts the grade if you walk across the grade at an angle rather than straight down.

So there is my logical, rational brain dealing with the challenges of rain.  Now I will go out and enjoy the rain and wallow in the mud!!  Bring it on!!

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