28 February 2009

Collioure on a Sunny Friday

Mike and I took a long needed break for the day to visit a seaside town just above the border of Spain. It was well worth the time. This is where Matisse, Picasso, Chagall and many others came to create and soak in the beauty of the catalan coast.

We had lunch at La Cote Vermeille which was in the fishing port of Port Vendres. It was a beautiful and truly fun lunch right by the port. The best was the starter of a saffron fish soup with a dollop of savory cold ice cream. The contrasts of tastes and temperatures just made me laugh with joy. The roasted tuna entree was simply amazing! I love the food in France!!

Lenten Soup Supper

Extruded Chestnuts...extruded anything is just so different! I love the beauty of vegetables.

Finished product...It was really yummy! Always tastes way better than it looks!

We decided (or you can substitue "Mom" to be more real) to have our own Lenten Soup Supper since we could not join our family at Church of the Good Shepherd this year. We are reading together Tom Wright's book John for Everyone and enjoying a simple supper of soup, bread and salad.

22 February 2009

Bathroom Renovation Redux

Mike has finished the demolishing of the old bathroom and is now onto reconstruction. His talents are amazing for a self taught rehabber! To be able to do plumbing and electricity and tiling himself...

The kids are not in any hurry for him to be done as they get to use our new bathroom (see previous posts for pictures).

Now that we finished the kids' hang out room in the attic, this bathroom is the last renovation project on this house. Must be time to move...SO just kidding!!!!!

The sunset on my commute home

How can this be comfortable?

Zora's favorite sleeping spot...the top of a narrow chair??