04 September 2007

First Day of School 2007

Can you see past their beautiful smiles to the groans and the rolling eyes when Mom asked them to once again pose for their traditional First Day of School photo? Hard to believe that this is their third year at the Baillargues school. They are so happy to be back at school...lots of friends, soccer, a schedule and Mom off their back for 8 hours!

End of summer visit to Germany

Mike's cousin Claudia gave us a wonderful tour of the Stuttgart Zoo. She works with the garden part of the zoo. The gardens are so beautiful and it was an incredibly beautiful day for the zoo.

Stuttgart was a really nice and approachable city. It is built on hills and valleys giving it a neighborhood feel and not an urban spread scene. Stuttgart is the home of Mercedes AND Porsche!! Nathan could have bought a gazillion dollars worth of souvenirs! We went to the shrine to Mercedes Benz...a brand new and beautifully designed 6 story edifice. We thought we would go for the morning and then head downtown to sight see. WRONG!! By lunch time, we had not even made it to the 1960s in the history of Mercedes. We skipped through a few exhibits to the race cars after lunch and finished well after 6 pm. It was a great exhibit, but you really felt like you had joined a cult and had been thoroughly brainwashed.

According to Celia and Nathan, this is the type of vehicle that Mary drove in her youth...Ha Ha!

Nathan's favorite car that sells for a mere $500 000
These are the real race cars from the Mercedes team in this incredible display. It continues around the bend to display other race cars from the early 1900s. They look like toys in this photo.