15 October 2008

Sorry for the Eye Strain

Much thanks to Susie for the input regarding the damage that the blog's coloration was doing to my loyal readers' eyesight. I was just reading a web page that had a similar set up and I can still see the lines burned onto my retinas. I apologize for the unnecessary wear and tear on your precious eyes! Keep the comments coming!

04 October 2008

Knitting a Quilt Pattern

I had to share my latest knitting project with you. I recently found this wonderfully easy and cool pattern on the web site Knitting Daily. It is so incredibly simple yet it knits like a quilt. I won't disclose what it is that I am knitting, but it is turning out so beautifully. Although the color of this picture does not do it justice, I have choosen the colors of a peacocks feathers for this piece. It will be three large squares wide and twelve big squares long.

I am almost done with the sweater that I have knitted for Mike. I just need to block it and sew the side seams. I will have him model it for you when it is completed. That was a tough sweater. The yarn was a really dark color...tough for my weak eyes...and the pattern was hard to get used to. But I FINISHED IT!! It was such a huge piece of knitting!!

I fell so accomplished now! Next up after the above quilted knitting is a white cashmere sweater for me.

One Bathroom Down, One to Go

Before the renovation, this room was an unfinished space that we used as storage. Through the magice of wonderful fixtures and tiles from Porcelanosa and the talents of Chris B and Mike Faigle, we now have a bathroom that I never want to leave!

The floors are slate cut in 1 meter squared tiles and the walls are travertine marble and slate cut in finger sized pieces.