23 April 2016

Energy for those LONG hills!!!

Last May I walked the Camino Norte/Primitivo.  It was my first Camino and my first ever long hiking experience.  One of the biggest mistakes I made was not having a bit of energy throughout the day...that and not regularly drinking water.  I can now see what a HUGE difference that would have made.  The most difficult day of the Camino was a continuous all day up and down overall climb from sea level to 337 meters of more than 28 kilometers.

We started too late missing out on our morning energy and fresh legs.  We did not take any long breaks except for a sandwich and cake lunch (note serious lack of complex nutrients in that lunch!) and I did not drink enough water continuously.  By the end of the day we were dragging the last dregs of energy on the last hilly 6 kilometers to our dinner of mushy microwaved pasta and magnum ice cream bar (again note the lack of complex nutrients!)

So with the gained knowledge and the known hilliness of the Le Puy route, I am better preparing for my Camino this year.  I have energy powder to add to my morning water bottle and healthy nutrient packed snacks.  Nathan gave me the recipe for the peanut butter bars:

Dried fruit (I used cranberries)
Nuts (I used roasted soy nuts)
Chocolate (70% dark chopped)
Peanut butter

It is all mixed and then let to sit so the oats soften a bit.  Then it is formed into a rectangle and cut into bars.  I refrigerated mine to harden the peanut butter a bit.

Trail mix for nibbling as needed
Dried cranberries 
Dark 70% chocolate

I know there will definitely be challenges on this Camino, but I do not plan to run out of fuel and hydration this time!!

Two more sleeps!!!

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