07 April 2016

17 More Sleeps to Mon Chemin 2016!!

I have been thinking on my May 2015 Camino a lot recently as my 2016 Camino approaches.  There are many lessons that I learned from my first Camino.
  • To leave my anxieties floating outside of myself as they are just proof that I am pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.  
  • To not over think and over plan as it feeds those anxieties rather than assuaging them.  And it is a grand waste of time!
  • To bring only the absolute essentials in order to focus more on the walk than the burden I carry. I was so surprised to find that I needed so little.  The rest truly became extra weight and useless.
  • To be open to all experiences and people that I will encounter.  Challenging or joyful, they are all part of the journey and teach me something about myself.

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