25 October 2009

Day Tripping in Roquefort et Millau

Tom an Trish had never visited the town or caves of Roquefort - home of the world famous cheese - so we decided to make a Saturday trip and then a side pass by THE bridge and then down to the town of Millau for lunch and a stroll. Lunch included a plate of frog legs for the table...a new experience. I do not know what kind of frogs I thought they used, but I could not believe how small the legs were. A serious toothpick with a nibble. It looked and tasted just like chicken with a ton of butter and garlic smothering it. Although the fact that basically we were eating the bottom half of a lot of frogs was a bit on the berk side, they weren't bad at all. I do think I will stay with snails as my most exotic preferred dish...they are actually yummy and I love them!!

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