11 October 2009

Marche aux Terroirs

A beautiful Sunday homage to the fruits of the earth! This fair was in Castries...the town next to Sussargues and one of my favorites. All of the vendors were small artisinal producers. We tasted Muscat wine that just burst with the sweet grape typical of this region...it filled my head with visions of earthy aged cheeses and foie gras slathered on toast. Then we moved to the chestnut vendor who was selling four different varieties of chestnuts from the Cevenne. He said that there are sixty different types there and some that grow only in one specific place in the Cevenne. Then we moved to the cheese vendor who offered us slabs of the most incredible smoked tenderloin of pork and Beaufort sliced from a giant aged wheel and Tomme de Savoie and Brebis and Chevre. The richness of the produce and the patience and artistry of the productors is overwhelming. And really YUMMY!!

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