24 October 2005

An incredible October day!

After many grey days, today we had an incredible Indian Summer day. October usually has the most rain and then November is when Indian Summer hits here in the South of France. I went down to La Grande Motte to the beach first to sit by the sea and read and take a walk. Then I took Jazzy for a long walk in the countryside of Sussargues. These are the pictures from the day. As I forgot my camera for the beach, I brought back a sampling of seashells from the beach to show you.

The last picture is the church in the town of St. Drezery which is just up the road from us. Jazzy and I have discovered a country road that leads straight through the vineyards from Sussargues to St Drez (for Mike's information). There are a lot of country roads right behind our street with absolutely no cars...only foot or bikes.


  1. jimmylou2@aol.comTuesday, October 25, 2005

    Mais, c'est tout a fait magnifique!
    Didn't get a chance to chat with Mike a week ago Sunday...we finally made it to a church service, I even lectored, but we faded fast and had to leave early.

    Our opthamologist (for 20+ years) is also leaving us for France...
    she and her 3 year old husband John are moving next week to a town near St. Pourcain-sur-Sioule, 3 1/2 hours due south of Paris in the department L'Allier in Auvergne.
    She was Teresa deBarros and is now Terry Schiffeler.

    She said she'd brought a Frenchman to the U.S. (her first and late husband) and now is taking an American to France.

    Your pictures and stories are great and we enjoy it all so much. Keep it up.

    Thanx...see you in a year or two.
    Love, Louise and Jim.

  2. Looks beautiful. Hey, I'm learning info about what's going on at home from reading the comments on your French blog while I'm in Seoul. That's my opthamologist too that Jimmy talks about! HUH! There is a Jazzy puppy here in my neighborhood. Very jumpy, lovey, little sharp teeth. Nice to have a beautiful day! We've had some pretty ones too.