15 October 2005

8 Rue de L'Aspic

The yard and porches that wrap around two sides of the house are so nice! We anticipate many warm days and evenings passing time outside.

AND THEN THERE IS THAT KITCHEN! Well there WAS that kitchen! It no longer exists in this form thanks to Mike's tenacity with a sledge hammer and Mary's paint brush.

Celia's favorite part of the house...the POOL! This will be so fun! Too bad we moved in after the warmest days. Oh well...as you can see, we have our work cut out for us and it would just be diverting if it was warm and there was that pool calling us!


  1. Looks tres great! Can't wait to see it!

  2. What an awesome area. It is soooo European. You must absolutely love it there.

    We have a party gala celebration of COGS' 50th birthday this weekend, but how good could it be without the Faigles and Brusas (some at least)?

  3. Mike and Mary: Just got on the site for the first time. The house looks fabulous. We hope to visit some time. Terry and Cathy