16 October 2005

A Sunday walk with Joseph

A walk in the country...this is the countryside at the end of our small road.

We decided to take a walk this Sunday morning in place of an hour in the local church. Celia and Nathan decided they felt closer to God walking outside rather than forced to sit in church. We brought a prayer book and a Cursillo song book to create our service. God decided that we needed to commune with our French neighbor, Joseph, who we met on the path with his dog Leo. God had the better plan!

Joseph introduced us to the various paths available through the vineyards, the horses that lived there, the edible snacks along the way...prunelles - small slightly sour fruit on a holly like tree, grapes from the local vines, fennel, wild blackberries and juniper berries. A veritable feast! Leo (named for his early meals of milk and water...lait et l'eau) and Jazzy finally became fast and furious friends. Joseph noted that Leo adores Jazzy...Leo would not take his eyes off of Jazzy for a moment!

The hunters were out in full force in the vines hunting a very small bird. We met one that showed us his kill. Neither Joseph nor I had much of a liking for it. The butcher provides a better meal!

Joseph introduced us to a few of the locals that were out and about in the vines this morning. I admired that he introduced us as his new neighbors across the street without any mention of our foreign status. This is very different as it seems to be considered a true state of being rather than a circumstance of birth. He is a very big hearted down to earth person that we are very fortunate to have as a neighbor!

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