19 October 2005


Today Celia and her friends - Amy and Becky - walked to the little Tabac shop in Sussargues to buy some candy for the road trip they are taking to see the Loire Valley Chateaux...a little four day field trip with school to see four castles...oops I am off on a tangent! Anyway...Amy has a beautiful little ritual of bringing the owner of the Tabac a present each time she goes there...a flower, a bit of ribbon, a picture. She says he offers the town things and therefore we should offer something to him...she is a real treat! He is so sweet and displays each one proudly. Today's gift from Celia and Amy was French song that they have been learning in school. Their beautiful little voices lilting in French was incredible. Not only did Monsieur and his wife listen attentively, all of his customers that were coming to get their daily paper or nicotine fix stopped and listened quietly and patiently. It was quite the scene that will play in my head and heart for quite a while. Everyone applauded and then told them how wonderful a gift that was. I was very touched and proud of them both.

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