20 October 2005

Off they go!

The longest worm I have ever seen! The
kids found it by the car tonight!

Celia and Becky(on left) and Amy (on right) our fellow Sussargoise (they live in our village and go to Celia's school. Ryan (a New Yorker) and Nathan.

So I just put Celia and Nathan on a very cozy bus full of 50 some odd children and a few teachers for an all night bus ride to the Loire Valley for four days. They are off to Chambord, Blois, Chenonceau et Azay le Rideau as well as Parc Mini Chateaux (That is the French name for it!) and Futuroscope ( I have no clue what this attraction is, but I believe it is like a science museum) They left at 10.30 PM this night and return at 11 PM on Monday night. Luckily they are off until November 3 or 4th for All Saints Holiday and can recouperate!

They were all very mixed in emotions...lots of hugs and kisses and "I'll MISS YOUs!" But in the end, they were all so excited. A great experience!

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