11 May 2015

Our Dogs Are Tired!!!

We pushed ourselves so much today and are happy and proud,  but man oh man do our feet hurt.  

The morning passed by quickly... Fog quieted the way.  The birds were the only sound including a distant cuckoo.   Beautiful farm land and forests.

After the fog burned off,  the sun got intense.  We walked (with only a coffee and some nuts for breakfast) 22 km before lunch!! We chowed down on a beautifully cooked Salmon steak, great bread and a salad.  We had to laugh at one point as we noticed that all of us were hunched over our plates quietly scarfing down pieces of the thick country bread they brought us.

After lunch we decided to plug on as it stays light well past 21h00 these days.  We intended to stay at an Inn in the hills,  but unfortunately they are closed.  A very nice senora told us there was a hostel 2km down the road.  You would have thought she sent us on a death march . We were so past exhaustion.  Showers felt divine,  but as I write this,  my dogs still hurt.  Hopefully they will be happy in the morning.

Start 8h38
End 19h25
32 km
44,713 steps

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