08 May 2015

La Caridad to San Xusto

I left everything on the Camino today.  We walked from sea level up and down (mostly up) about 340 meters.  It was the toughest,  most physically challenging thing I have ever tried.  Each time I thought I could go no further,  another steep hill was around the corner.  Walking with a seriously strong and athletic runner made it even more  challenging.  I forced myself further, under the hot sun,  without many breaks,  not enough calories or water.  If  Nathan had not convinced to buy powdered energy for my water bottle,  I would have been in serious trouble.   

But I DID IT and survived!!!! That means something and I am proud of it even if I just wolfed down a huge plate of pasta and am now completely exhausted. But I will get out of bed and do it again tomorrow... But never that many kms ,  hills,  and not enough good and water!!

27.3 km
10h41 to 18h44

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