13 May 2015

A Marcela to Sobrado des Monxes

Start 9h25
End 13h41
15.84 Km
Steps 21,689

There is a calm rhythm to the days now.  The most difficult challenges are behind us.  We awake... we eat... we pack up...we walk... We eat... We unpack on our bed... We shower... We wash our clothes... We write in our journals and visit... If we are not too tired,  we eat... We sleep.

For the last half,  we have fallen in with four beautiful French women who share our same rhythm.  They are full of joy and laughter. 

Tonight we are staying at a monastery that dates back to the 10th century.  Vespers with the small amount of monks that remain is in one hour.  A bit of peace and quiet before sleep.

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