16 March 2012

So Much to See!

Every plaza, every street there are lights and falla sculpture...monuments...not really sure what you could call them in English. They are like the size of a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float, but they stay in one place and you parade to them!

After a fabulous dinner at Gonza's family's apartment of a Spanish tortilla, tuna and rafe tomatoes, Iberian jamon, fresh strawberries and a really yummy sponge type cake with a cream filling, Mel and I opted out of the midnight fireworks. Gonza and Mike were real die hards and walked over to the riverbed to watch. The booms heard throughout Valencia was enough to tell me that I probably should have gathered my energy and gone with the guys...oh well there are more to come!

Merkel and Sarko!

First Prize for Lighting Display...No surprise there!  This was so immense and amazingly cool!

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