14 March 2012

Fallas - Day 2

Although all of the Fallas are to be completed by Thursday, the work seems to have stopped. We expect there to be a sudden fury and urgency in the air soon!

So in honor of the lethargy in the air, we took the morning at the thermal spa. This is a medical treatment spa that anyone can use. For 45€ we spent over two hours in the thermal circuit pool that had 10 different jet stations that targeted a different group of muscles. Then there was the cold plunge that was frigid enough to make you scream. Then there was a Scottish shower --needles of water that started at your feet and ended at your shoulders; an essential oil shower that enveloped you in a cloud of fragrant air. Both showers began warm and slowly worked their way to icy cold and back to hot leaving you tingling and your muscles relaxed. This was all followed by a 20 minute massage while you were laying under a shower mix of needles of water and jets of water that again constantly changed from hot to icy. I don't know how the masseuse -- who had to also work while in this shower -- could stand to give over 80 minutes of massages to all 4 of us. Her hands must have been completely shriveled!

After the massage was a float in an Epsom salt pool where it was impossible to do anything but hang as if in zero gravity. Finally was a rest on a heated lounge chair with Bose noise canceling ear phones while sipping cool water.

All in all a really relaxing morning! The Spanish really know how to pamper themselves!

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