15 March 2012

Day 3 In Valencia

The energy and noise level increases with each passing day. Each night we go to bed one hour later. Fallas is heating up! We have been told that as the music goes until 3am on Friday and Saturday, we might as well just stay up and dance!

Valencia now sounds like a war zone. Ever male over the age of 7 seems to be addicted to the sound and smell of fireworks. Every 15 seconds it seems you hear bangs reverberating down the narrow streets. We were told to bring earplugs as it will go all night. I used them last night to sleep, but we will have to wear them 24/7 starting tonight!

Today we took a day away from the noise and crowds to walk and have lunch by the beach. Seafood paella and beautiful sunshine!!

The madness of the partying begins tonight so we are done with the restful part of our trip...on to the wild life!!

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