17 March 2012

Party In Valencia

Life in the streets of Valencia took on a definitely serious party air today. The streets are absolutely packed with people. the firecrackers are flying wildly. I have never seen such a high level of professional partying!

We walked all day and saw well over 50 falla structures. They generally are using the financial crisis and Germany and France's domination in the euro zone as their satirical themes.

This is the most serious festival I have ever seen. Valencia really knows how to throw a party!!

This neighborhood was having a paella cook off.  There were more than 20 of these impromptu fire pits cooking.  It smelled so incredible!  It is the men who cook paella when it is cooked outside and women who cook it when it is prepared on the stove.

So this is SuperLady who is supporting on her back the kids, the shopping, the ironing and a husband who is a slacker in his underwear watching soccer!
This Falla was commenting on the financial crisis.  Note the broken open safes in the foreground.  I love how they mixed the fun for the kids to see with the sharp political commentary for the adults.

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