13 August 2005

We love the beach scene!

The laughter and enchanting play of children on the beach...two blond and thoroughly sandy French boys rolling in the sand wrestling..babies chortling and kicking legs and arms..smashball players everywhere...murmurs of friends chatting...colorful umbrellas that fly in the wind if not held properly...sailboats and windsurfers slicing through the water...blue grey green water depending on the mood of the day...startling blue sky streaked with clouds...intense sun rays...rain moving on the horizon..beignets, chou-chous, boissons fraiche, a la glace...a la glace, SUCRE, CHOCOLAT...snack sellers singing out their treats...boater hat, yellow shirt, blue shorts and incredible theatrics day after day after day...he reads Michener and flirts with Celia...the next vendor who has a family in Detroit and works so hard from morning to night while we laze and play...

Can you close your eyes and hear the sounds and feel the sun? If not...here are pictures to help.

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