02 August 2005

The Orthodontist

It seems like even the most mundane experience in our former lives has taken on completely new meaning in a foreign country. Today we had to have an appointment with a French orthodontist to repair some metal that was loosened by contraband candy. Immediately two thoughts came to my mind...1) Do I have the vocabulary for such an encounter and 2) What will this cost? Of course, based on the experiences we have had so far neither should have concerned me.

The orthodontist that we were fortunate enough to stumble upon spoke English very well. The bill for the whole event was only 40 euros! As I had nothing but cash to pay with, the receptionist said for us to wait until our next appointment (two months from now) to pay the bill.

The Doctor was very interested in...our govenator, Arnie!! That and the proposition system we have in California. There must have been quite a write up on these two subjects recently as our new friends David et Corinne had the exact curiosity. Forget discussing the future of Nathan's orthodontic experience in France...let's just make sure we understand how this all works. Also she enlightened us on the difficulties that young French people have in buying a house here due to those English and Dutch retirees. I didn't bother to inform her that we had joined those ranks.

The freakiest part of the appointment came when I read the Doctor's bill...all of my many friends from Michigan will relate to the craziness of this...She went to the University of Michigan for her higher degree! What is it with all of you Michigan people? It seriously is getting more and more like the internet game of Six Degrees of separation. I truly believe that the whole world is only six degrees separated from someone who has lived in Michigan!!

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