08 August 2005

Our Apartment

Lest we lead any of our dear friends astray, let us set the record straight about our apartment in the South of France (allow that to sound romantic and exotic one last moment before I destroy the fantasy).

It is a 24 square metre (approx 258 sq feet) apartment with a 30ish square meter (approx 323 sq feet) terrace. Whilst the lovely gardened terrace adds quite a lot to the ambiance, I must admit there are days it truly feels like a closet.

As tomorrow we are to receive a shipment from IKEA to redo the desperately needed fixtures and kitchen, we are about to test the limits of our space. Especially since Mike is in California and the kids and I will only be able to construct a small bit. Therefore, an ungodly amount of fixtures must stay in their flatpacks until our M. Bricolage (Mr. Handyman in French) returns in September. I draw the line on drilling into cinderblock walls to affix shelving units!

So be prepared for the ugly sight that follows! For those of you who would like to remain in Fantasyland, please skip all of the posts for August 8, 2005.

After we finish the redo, we will publish side by side comparison pictures, but unless the neighbors suddenly feel generous, it will never grow bigger!!

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