27 June 2005

Schools and houses

We visited the school in Baillargues that Nathan and Celia will be going to in the Fall. It was still in session which was great for us to see. The kids were all very friendly and all spoke perfect English! Nathan thought that the kids looked just like any kids at his school in California! They start school part time the second week of August and full time September 1. The lunch menu held the most interest for the Faigle clan as you all probably could have guessed! I asked if I could come daily to eat in the canteen! Four courses of yum yum yum! Definitely the biggest difference from American schools!

We also have been house hunting. Celia's main demand is that it has a piscine (swimming pool). Most houses are listed avec piscine or piscinable. The latter must have the language academie in Paris rolling their eyes and shaking their heads! We have a lot of time to search, but our favorite so far has planted visions of many parties and dinners out on the veranda cooked in the summer kitchen next to the mosaic pool with water fall from the spa. It also has a salle de jeu (game room) that is actually the game floor as it takes up an entire level. Suffice it to say that Celia and Nathan are IN LOVE with this house and use it constantly as the yardstick for all other houses we see. Mike said it was a true Stan Brusa kind of place!

Best to all of you! Hope your summer is starting out relaxing and full of friends and family!

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