22 June 2005

Bonjour from La Grande Motte

It took us a while to get to blog again, but here we are! It is nice and warm here. The sea is incredible. From deep blue to grey and all the hues in between! The beach is beautiful.

Celia and Nathan act as if they have lived here all of their lives. They swim and build sand castles. In the morning they go to the boulangerie and buy the daily baguette.

The French live in the outdoors. Last night we went for a walk at 9 pm and the whole world was out for a walk. Jazzy seems to be the star of the show! The French love him and his attitude. Other dog owners take it as a challenge to see if he will attack their pet. So far he is all bark and no bite. Everyone wants to talk to us about him. It is a very nice ice breaker. Many people have relatives in the US or lived there themselves and love to tell us the tales.

Setting up a household here is a lot like playing the game of LIFE that we loved as a kid...take one square at a time and you cannot jump around. To get a bank account you must have the notary's (like a title company) letter...to get a contract with EDF (the electric company), you must have a bank account. To buy a car, you must have a contract with EDF. To get a phone or internet, you must have a bank account. We patiently step through the maze and are meeting such nice people along the way.

Yesterday, we went to present our visas (the passport paper, not our credit cards) to the police department as is required. We met a very nice policeman (Celia and I thought he looked like Uncle Will's twin separated by birth) who told us I LOVE the USA!! He took us back and showed us his locker that was covered with FDNY and PDNY stickers and posters from his trips to the US.

Although we miss our American friends, we are having a great time discovering this country and meeting new friends. We have been so fortunate to have met some incredibly nice people who help us each step of the way.

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