01 June 2005

Memorial Day Festivities

What an incredible weekend! Fabulous friends, music, food and fun at the party pad of Stan, Susie and Jack Brusa. Their friendship and hospitality continue to amaze us! It was one of the calendar landmarks that were in our minds as a countdown to our departure date.

June 14th is now two weeks away! According to Celia...Excited is the word of the month! She has been asked by everyone "Are you excited about moving to France?" The answer to this question is definitely a mixed one. We are very excited to begin a wonderful new adventure! We are very sad to leave all of the wonderful network of friends that we have. We feel that we are merely stretching this network a little to test its strength. We have no fear that it can withstand any test.

Everyone who celebrated with us at the Brusa's...Thank you!! A big huge thank you goes out to the Brusa's, Specs (we LOVE you!) and the incredible family we have at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Corral de Tierra!

PS Did you catch that up and coming quartet singing at the party? Weren't they something?

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