27 April 2005

The Storm Before the Calm

The month of March was spent mostly on the bureaucracy of this adventure...school applications, real estate transactions, travel plans and THE monster task of applying for a long term visa. The Faigles used Mary's fabulous CPA training on paper pushing to the nth degree!

Thinking that March was behind us and we were onward to the fun of "the last time we see/do" moments, we faced April with calm. Little did we know the upheaval that awaited us! Between the Friday garage sales, packing and absolute chaos in the Faigle household, we are so ready for this "simplification" plan we have in mind for our new life in France. We seemed to have had a lot of momentum in the beginning but have settled comfortably into the land of denial and procrastination.

Knowing that our move out date of May 19th is looming, things will hit a caffeine-fed high pitch for the next two weeks! Once we push through this next landmark, we can truly enjoy all of the fun times with friends and visit our favorite central coast sights up to our June 14th departure.

1 comment:

  1. The calm morning after the tempest yields troves of treasure upon the shoreline of life...the journey is the joy!

    Better eat at In-n-Out Burger a whole bunch of times before you leave!!!!