03 July 2005

Biking Faigles

Now that we are proud owners of Trek bikes (yes...an American brand!) we have been biking maniacs! We bike to the store...we bike to concerts...we bike to market...we bike to church. We LOVE our bikes! We must make for quite a sight the four of us in a row like ducks. It is such a fun and beautiful way to get around.

We have gotten into a bit of a routine now. Thursdays and Sundays are market days here in La Grande Motte. A wonderful mix between a flea market and a farmer's market. Sometimes we even go to markets in other towns nearby.

We went to the local Catholic church here...St. Augustin today. The service was basically the same as we are used to except in French. They do have a thing or two to learn from Good Shepherd on passing the peace...much more sedate, but friendly all the same! Celia really misses Happy Hour after church. The service was held on the outer courtyard of the church under the boughs of trees with the stained glass windows opened to display the reverse side of the altar. There was quite a large gathering at the 9:30 am mass. They enjoy singing which Celia really enjoyed.

Speaking of songs, we went to a concert last night at the church. It was a group from a village close by. They sang a very eclectic mix of songs. Celia was over joyed when they sang her absolute favorite song from West Side Story. This Thursday there is a gospel concert featuring a group from New Orleans that we are looking forward to.

As you can see, we are trying to experience as much of the culture here as we can. I am continually surprised at how well attended everything is here. The people really take advantage of the diverse events that are available. We are enjoying this part of our French life immensely!

À bientôt nos amis!

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