09 July 2005

Une Baguette

Nathan is a true French garcon! We bought an incredible loaf of artisanal wood fire baked bread at the market (for only 1.5 euros!). We were enjoying it with an outrageous tomato mozzarella salad. I was putting a bit of the fabulous farm butter on a morsel of the bread and Nathan pipes in with "Don't put that butter on it...you're insulting the bread!"

The food here is just mindblowingly great! Whether at the marche or the local Carrefour, it is a gourmand's delight. At the marche, the vendeurs are so proud of their wares. If you are interested in a melon for tomorrow's petit dejeuner(breakfast), they will personally smell and touch to find the finest one for your morning meal. When they find out we are locals, they are quick to let us know that they are at marche Thursdays and Sundays.

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