20 January 2010

Uh Oh Soapbox Time!!

Ok I have to vent about my one huge pet peeve about French men...the inability to find a private spot to take a pee! Now I for one have zero problem with using Mother Nature as your toilet! But come on let's get real!! Can they really not wait for a less public spot? Just today I saw two men triangulating at the side of the road obviously with absolutely no shame. The worst was at the glass recycling center. I was on my way to the store and decided to drop some used clothes at the bin in Baillargues next to the glass recycling center. Now let me paint you a picture...there is a round about and just in a little niche is a small place to pull off the rond point and drop your recyclables. Well some older guy...definitely old enough to have some shame...stopped there and was peeing ON THE GLASS BIN!! I decided to shame him and pulled up anyway to drop off the clothes. He didn't bat an eye...didn't hurry up...didn't care!!

My "favorite" time was when I was at Celia's soccer match on a Saturday afternoon...full daylight...and we were leaving to go to the parking lot with the rest of the parents and kids and not three feet to the right of the gate...up against the fence with nothing to offer some privacy...was a doof just whizzing away. You just gotta wonder sometimes!! Do they have an incredible incontinence issue or what!!??

Okay...pet peeve catharsis has begun!

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