02 March 2010

What's old is new again!

One day I was driving Nathan and Celia to the tram and at a stop light in the darkness of the winter morning, suddenly we spotted this horse and cart plodding across the intersection of Vendargues. We could not figure out why there would be a horse and cart out so early in the morning in a fairly large town that is no longer very near the countryside. Later that day we heard on the radio that Vendargues had decided to decrease its carbon footprint by using this horse and cart to pick up the town's trash in the city's center village. Additionally, some of the streets in the town center are somewhat small and it was easier to use than a traditional garbage truck. The horse named Quignon visits 600 to 700 households a day five days a week. The mayor hopes to expand the use of horses to a horse drawn cart to water the city's plants and another to take the small children to the gym from the school.

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