17 January 2010

Priorité à droite

Priorité à droit...one of our favorite driving rules here in France! It has to be the craziest and least logical laws on the books.

This gives the right of way to motorists turning onto the road you are on, and in the direction you are traveling, from the right. The exceptions are if the junction is marked by a stop sign, traffic light or solid white line, as well as roundabouts, where cars to your left have the right-of-way.

The more aggressive drivers do not wait for you to give the prioirty, they take it at full speed. If by chance you hit them, it is your fault. French drivers also seem to be taken by surprise by this law as well...I have been a passenger where they have almost hit a car forcefully taking the priority!

On the other hand, I have come to a full stop to give the right of way and the other driver has sat and looked at me as if my law abiding behavior has totally taken them by surprise.

Basically, with this law there is just no winning!!

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