08 February 2007

See what happens when you turn 40!!

You become a big LIAR after you turn 40!! Last night we dined with some friends. She is a wonderful cook and served us four fabulous courses each containing CHEESE. As most of you know, Mike has stated on numerous occasions and in front of many witnesses that he does not like cheese or yogurt. He not only ate his way through these courses with gusto, but he plowed through the leftover cheesecake again tonight (See picture attached marked Exhibit A). A partial list of the types of cheeses he consumed in this meal were: Chevre (goat), mozzarella, Parmesan, feta, a very moist bleu, more chevre, Camembert and a very creamy plain cheese cake. Now I plead my case to my friends once and for all...Is that a list of what a cheese hater would eat?????????? From this day on, I reserve the right to cook with any and all cheeses a recipe calls for. Mike has been put on alert that it is all fair game. There are an infinite amount of recipes over the last 16 plus years I have known him that I have just died to cook, but held back in deference to his taste buds. All that is over!!
As a final note, please also record for posterity that I have been secretly supplying him with yogurt since we moved here. I rest my case.

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