06 February 2007

No More Smoking!!!

It is truly a day to celebrate! As of the first of February, you are no longer allowed to smoke in public places in France. This means that we can now walk through the malls and not get overwhelmed by that horrible cloud of smoke that hung over every coffee bar that are strategically placed in the center of every mall. The first day of the new law, Mike and I went to have breakfast in the Polygone Center in Montpellier before his medical appointment for his Carte de Sejour (see our last post regarding Mary's appointment!). Much to our amazement, there were new signs everywhere that said it was forbidden to smoke in the center! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we went to do our grocery shopping. In the mall where LeClerc grocery store is there are two coffee bars and a pizza restaurant. Previously, these were incredibly popular with smokers as they were the only places in the mall where smoking was allowed. Now not a single smoker was seen and again we saw the blessed no smoking signs. What a difference it makes to walk through buildings and breathe cleaner air!!

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