21 August 2006

Summer Road Trip 2006 - Melk Austria

As a side trip on our way from Salzburg to Vienna, we stopped for a visit to the incredible abbey in Melk, Austria and lunch.

Celia and I were amazed by the awesome library...floor to ceiling shelves overflowing with volumes of hand printed books with beautiful illustrations. The book shown here is a book on plants and nature.

The church itself was so beautiful. I long ago stopped keeping track of my favorite churches in Europe as they all astound me with their opulence and beauty. A short mass was taking place at noon as we came into the church. Even though the language was completely foreign, the beautiful sounds of the prayers echoing through the heights of the building and making their way up into the heavens gave me shivers. I am not sure I could ever get tired of looking at the beautiful chapels and paintings and sculptures in the churches in Europe.

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