28 August 2006

New Rules for French Train Travel

I recently made a reservation for train travel here and was so surprised to see that new rules apply to the French train system. I received the following message from SNCF...the French rail company. I suppose it is in response to recent events in the world today.

Confirmation of your order
Hello madam FAIGLE

You have placed an order on our
voyages-sncf.com site the 28/08/2006 at 09h49 and we thank you. You are reminded of the details below:
We would remind you that your luggage should have labels giving your name, first name and address.

To ensure departures TGV under the best conditions, it from now on is requested from the whole of travellers TGV to reach the train at the latest 2 minutes before the time of departure indicated on their transport document.

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