26 June 2006

End of the First Year at School

Celia and Nathan finished their first year with honors at school. I must admit to being filled with such pride and admiration while listening to their teachers complimenting them at the final teacher-parent meeting last week. The French system of grading is quite tough and when comments are given on the grade reports, they are not given lightly. Nathan received Felicitations which is the highest recommendation available and had a grade point average well above the class average. His class is mostly true French students...only three others were English speakers. Celia came in at the top of her class. They took a standardized math test that the whole country takes in elementary school. The test is completely in French with no translation at all. Celia came in second in her class and 24th in this province...like a state...(Herault) and 2,422 in all of France In total 28,764 students in Celia's grade took the test in France. Suffice it to say, we and her teacher were incredulous!!

We would like to offer a standing ovation to both of them for an outstanding year!! BRAVO!!!!!

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