26 June 2006

Celia's Eleventh Birthday

The end of May marked Celia's Eleventh birthday and her first in France. She has been waiting to have a swim party from the day we moved in. She is the ultimate water bug!! The day ended up being beautiful swim weather!! She had her best friends (in France) over for worms and dirt, pigs in a blanket and lots of zany games. One of the funniest was jumping rope while holding a glass filled with water. The one who ends up with the most water left in the glass wins. The techniques were quite inventive. Mike played the good sport when the girls insisted he participate...holding a huge metal bowl of water. He did quite well in spite of their shrieks of laughter.

That night we dined on Celia's favorite meal...bbq ribs! Her friend Alex from Slovakia stayed to get messy with us. Celia swears Alex is a Californian girl with a funny accent!! It was a great day for all. Happy Birthday, Celia!!

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