05 March 2006

Winter Break Week 2

We spent a wonderful week in the French Alps about a three hour drive and a stone's throw from Italy and the Olympics. The snow was wonderfully dry unlike the California concrete we are all used to. Nathan took snowboarding lessons with Carol for the first three days while Celia hung with Amy and Becky in lessons with the very charming and flirtatious Sebastian. He had them jumping and going over moguls while pushing them into the snow and causing quite the ruckus. Celia vacillated between teasing him and thinking he wasn't so different from her 12 year old brother. Speaking of Nathan, he did so fabulous at snowboarding and then changed over to ski lessons with Alexandre for a couple of hours to come out a true ski bum!

The Auberge we stayed at was so much like staying with family. Monsieur Arnoe played the perfect host. We would come home from a long day of lounging in the bar...I mean skiing...to a nice drink and card game with the kids before dinner. Dinner was at eight and served family style. It was French mountain country food and as much as you could eat. We would push ourselves out of our chairs around 10 to collapse with a good book. Breakfast was huge cups of coffee with warm milk and chocolate and French baguettes with butter and jelly.

Suffice it to say we had a really tough time leaving the mountain, but we look forward to next year and another season of great skiing.

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