23 March 2006

Jazzy's New Friends

The white dog is a neighborhood dog that has learned to jump our fence to play with Jazzy. I was sitting on the terrace having coffee the other morning and this dog suddenly appeared in our fenced yard. Fearing a hole in the fence, I walked the fence and then finding no holes, let the wayward dog out the front gate. I did not even have time to sit down again when I spied him happily running to Jazzy in the yard eager to play. It took three repeats of this before I let him out of the gate and RAN to the back of the yard to see where he was coming in. He had figured out that he could jump a two foot barrier to come in. As soon as I let him out of the gate, he ran to the garage and jumped the barrier. Needless to say, Jazzy now has a new friend that visits from time to time to play. Jazzy has taken on the role of village bully so the poor thing must tease Jazzy to get him to chase him and to play.

The other dog is Celia's friend Alex's pet. Jazzy is happier playing with her as she is a female. She has asserted her place as his superior and things are fine between them. She chases him around the yard and then he chases her. Some things between the species are familiar!

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