23 July 2012

Glorious Summer Party!!

 In honor of the Fourth of July, we decided to share some true Americana with our international friends.  Who could pass up authentic BBQ ribs, chicken and pulled pork sandwiches etc etc etc???

We were very happy to see the gusto with which fingers became coated and cheeks were smudged with the sticky sauce!!

Even Mike's toned down but still sufficiently spicy salsa was a hit!  We thought that the normally heat adverse French palates would find it too spicy still.  Next time we will bring it on in its finest heat!!

What a wonderful sunny Sunday spent with some of our favorite people in the world!!  Oh the blessings of this life are great!!


  1. whoooho- it's summer... finally in Germany too...
    greetz from the three of us to the four of you ;) ... and Jazzy

  2. What a wonderful gathering! Thanks for sharing, Mary