22 August 2011

You Just Need to Get Over It!

OK let's put it out there straight!  The toilets in parts of Europe...Italy, Spain, France especially...are for the most part totally revolting to a clean freak!!  I would hazard a guess that most Americans...well the female persuasion at least...would choose to go nature potty over using these sad pathetic excuses for a toilet.

But in order to be able to gaze on the incredibly beautiful cities of Europe, you just have to release all your notions about cleanliness, smells and public toilets being fit to share.  Think of it as your war story to share at home.  Doesn't it just reinforce the notion that America is so far above these countries because at least our restrooms smell like the mountain fresh air...albeit chemically produced and dangerous to the environment and small children's brains??  Maybe all Americans should be required to tuck a can of Glade along with their passport and money pouch.

But I do confess that in all of my years in Europe and all of my many, many, many journeys to the WC, I have yet to truly master the infernal Turkish toilet.  I mean seriously how are you supposed to even use this thing without collateral damage??

Turkish Toilet
 The new popular public WC in France is this piece of engineering magnificence in the pictures below...I must say that these toilets are a huge leap forward from the Turkish toilets, but for a woman, the skier's squat is still a necessary skill to perfect before visiting Europe...that or never straying from the clean freak countries (you know who you are...Germany, Switzerland and Austria!!)

Bon courage, but really...you just need to get over it!!

WC at the grocery store LeClerc

WC in a rest stop in Italy


  1. If you want to use a Turkish loo without collateral damage you could always use something like the GoGirl which is a silicon device aimed at helping women pee standing up (or squatting).

    Or you can just spread your legs further.

  2. Those rimless toilets are showing up in the states too. The Turkish toilet resembles the toilets we saw all over VietNam. Essentially a hole in the ground with a place to put your feet.