19 April 2011

Ok What About the Beer!

Since 1589 there has been beer flowing in this sacred temple to the all mighty yeasty beverage.  It has now reached the pinnacle of tourist traps!  In the beer garden outside during the happiest of Happy Hours, you MUST buy a liter of beer!  No namby-pamby 25cls sold here! To our amazement, there were many souls willing to obey multiple times!  The languages being slurred all around us attested to the fact that this tourist spot is not for weak constitutions!!  Suffice it to say that we were not in fighting shape and did not do honor to our country in the beer chugging arena.  Sorry Anheuser-Busch...my champion chugging days are long over!!


This is the best we could do...  WHAT???...  It was before dinner!!

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